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    Hi it’s been 2 years of marriage 8 years of living together. My husband has a 6 year old son he recently gained fulled custody of. His son has special needs his mother isn’t really involved in his upbringing, I have been the primary caregiver of the child. Recently his father and I have began to become distant and we attended counseling a few times but stopped and things have gotten progressively worse. We do not have children together, oh I forgot that this is my home that we live in and I feel like a hostage in my own home many times as our conversation are few to none. I don’t want to tell him to leave because I feel bad for the kid this is the most stable that he has ever been but I need companionship and don’t want to cheat to get my needs met. Please help


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    RE: Torn

    Hi So he played around why you was together from what you have wrote, so that's one black mark against him.

    Its your house he is living in, and things now are really bad, give him a choice he buys you house at market value and you go, but make sure the money is in your bank account in full, don't do it on a promise or he and his son goes, but do get a divorce first if you go either way.

    I cant see another way for you to go.

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    This is definitely a difficult situation. If you would still like the relationship to work, then consider insisting that you return to couples counseling -- with either the same or a different therapist. If not, then the two of you still need to talk. If you can make that happen constructively -- with as little hostility as possible -- all the better. Explain where you stand with the relationship and see where he stands. Depending on where that goes, you may discuss how you could work together to make any transition as smooth as possible for the child (such as visits for them to what will become their new home). Also, a big part of how you do this will depend on what role, if any, you want to continue to play in the child's life.