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    Hi everyone,

    My partner and I are in a polyamorous relationship with two other women --one woman who lives with us and one woman that lives outside the home. It was great, I love both men and women so it filled a lot of needs in us both for a long while.

    But now... it doesn't feel right. I feel as though my partner is way more into the other woman than he is into me. You might say, "Just talk about it with him..." Yeah it's not something he's going to admit because THEN I will get insecure and call the whole thing off. And he sure as HELL doesn't want that. It just gives me this over arching feeling that me, and me alone, is not enough for him.

    Is this even a relationship I should be in? Should I walk away from everyone? I feel like polyamory has done a certain level of damage to the relationship.. that even if I did kick these other women out of our home, that my relationship with my partner will never be the same. Quite frankly, I resent him. I resent him for DOING everything that he said he wouldn't do. I used to look at other poly couples and see the divide slowly start to form, see the man (more times than not) start to fade in his love for his long-term partner and become more lustful for the new partner, and I felt lucky because I was SURE that MY partner would never do this to me --to our bond.

    But I don't want to walk away from everything we've built. The blood, the sweat, the tears that went into US. And I feel responsible for the ending and now I almost feel like I have to LIVE with it now because I CHOSE this.


  • 3 months ago

    RE: Polyamory

    Hi you had something that was very good for all 4 of you but it seems you was not reading the signs of when to stop, as it was relationships that would go the wrong way.

    You now need to grab your man and get away from where you are now and restart you lives again.