• 8 months ago

    Do certain diets and natural remedies improve mental and sexual health

    After years of suspecting my wife was cheating,I decided to leave behind a recorder when I left to work.When I played it back and listened to it I heard my wife having an affair on my couch.After some time and courage I confronted her and played the recording for her.She heard the crystal clear evidence and looked me and my eyes and still denied it.She said that it was the TV playing and I was dillusional.F or a year she still stuck with her story despite the overwhelming proof.Recently she has come clean and we have put it past us.But this experience has affected my sexual performance.I can no longer get fully erect because when I look at her naked I visualize her doing what I heard in the recording.I now have to depend on porn to help me get ready to be intimate with her.Any advice on any natural supplements or foods that can help with anxiety and performance to improve my sexual health so I can regain a sense of normalness. I heard lavender oil was a tension reliever and beets were good for testosterone.Is that true?