• 10 months ago

    Dating in your 80s when your healthy, attractive and look 10 years younger.

    Genes, a 48-year loving marriage that created an amazing son and practicing lifelong physical activity including hiking, biking, skiing, horseback riding, and snow shoeing, at home and in faraway places supports a healthy, youthful woman, who looks 70 at 83. A belief in the Lord, the love of animals and nature, combined with a University education, and an appreciation for the arts, keeps me emotionally stable and happy. Recently I decided I would like to have dating relationships. A situation, in my supermarket parking lot, created the perfect scenario.
    While experiencing difficulty opening the trunk of my new car, a man asked if he could help. I said yes, please. Subsequently, he demonstrated how to open it. When finished, he asked if I would have a drink with him. I agreed. We spent about 45 minutes talking at which time he gave me his card revealing he was a retired and his name, phone number and address. He stated he was seventy and never married. When we parted I gave him my phone number, he embraced me, kissed my cheek and said that I am very pretty and noted my blue eyes. The next day he called me saying he would be out of town for a few days. He never called me after that; I can only conjecture he saw my age on the internet. No one ever told him age is only a number. I can understand why he never married during his 70 years of life; obviously, the art of developing a relationship escaped him.