• 10 months ago

    Is it normal for stepdads to be jealous of stepsons(11 year old boy) and is it normal for sons to be jealous of stepdads (36)?

    My partner is jealous of my son, whenever I want to do some activities with my son only, he acts like it, after much talking and convincing that im not leaving him out, he understands, then my son, who is 11, who also told his granny that he likes his stepdad, sometimes also gets jealous, I feel like im in the middle and I never know if my son is truly happy...because he is my first priority, my partner and I met 5 years ago, my son had just turned 6, at 8 years my son lived with us in another state because we had gone there ealier for better job prospects - we took my son in, when we because permanent on the jobs, and things became different, my partner was making me feel guilty about some of the things I do for my son and the past years weren't so good for all 3 of us, during that time, my son adored him and was glad to have a father figure in his life, but strange enough, my partner was always jealous to a point that one day he confessed that, if him and I fight, and he hears me watching cartoons with my son, he always thought I told my son about our fights and he sort of felt like 2 against 1?is this normal?when he realized I wasn't doing this, he warmed up to my son, but I still feel like he gets jealous often, my son too, I love them both, I love my son more though...but I just want to know if other households go through this...one day, I put my foot down and told my partner that its either we end the relationship or he sorts himself out psychologically, and I was dead serious that we were on the verge of breaking up - lately, infact since May...only now...he takes walks with my son, they have secret talks...so now im being bitter, im feeling like why this change after so long...and is it real...is he being nice to my son because he does not want me to leave him or because he is pretending..could he be pretending?