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    Need help improving sex life

    33 y/o M, Wt. 220 lbs., ht. 167 cm. Race Asian Indian. T2D since 2015. On metformin 500 BID. Have severe gynecomastia, wide hips. Low libido, ED. Married in 2016. Suspect low T, hormone imbalance, low iron, high inflammation. Wife and I want to have a child. what should I do?


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    RE: Need help improving sex life

    Hi I would say to need to lose 20 to 25 ponds as a kick off, get a good blood test done , so you can see what is going there.

    But just read up on this drug Metformin 500BID go on this link and read up about diabetic ketoacidosis your see it just as you start reading down, is this you? if so you really need to see your doctor.


    ED is one of the bad side effect of being a diabetic, sorry to say, so see the link below.


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    RE: Need help improving sex life

    "Weight is an issue at some point for most people. Excess weight, especially obesity, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease,Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, loss of libido etc. Keeping these adverse effects of obesity in mind, we all should focus on how to lose those extra kilos. Weight loss is not that easy until you change your lifestyle, behaviour and most importantly a change in attitude.
    Give a try to Ayurvedic medicine for weight loss – Obenyl Nutra - https://goo.gl/TdYwZm from Charak Pharma is an ideal Ayurvedic weight loss supplement. It is combination of herb extracts and fat burning nutrients that help reduce weight naturally.
    Also diet control and physical activity will help loose weight.
    Share your problems with with a sex therapist . There might be some psychological issues that might affect your desire towards sex. In some cases, issues like loss of sexual pleasure can arise from another condition called depression. These experts provide psychological counseling and can revive the laid-back sex desire in you. Many sex therapists often recommend an herbal supplement. Neo - https://goo.gl/SLAJ4g - one tablet twice a day preferably with milk is prescribed for lack of libido.