• 11 months ago


    okay so me and my girlfriend had hoco last weekend on saturday and we had sex alot that night around 5 times but twice was it unprotected and i know i pulled out but my brother said precum can get a girl pregnant and she had a uti like two weeks ago and that sunday afternoon she peed and it burned and she had little pee times where barely any would comeout and it would burn and she bled a little i think too, but she said the burning stopped with the pee but she is now getting brown discharge and alot more discharge than normal like a day ago she had alot of clear discharge but it wasnt brown but tonight she said she had alot of discharge and it was brown and she thinks she is pregnant and i am getting scared now and i need help someone please were too young and idk what to do. It is now wednesday 9:30 when she told me this we had sex saturday and sunday morning. help.