• 6 months ago

    Wife has no interest in sex

    Wife is 61 i am 69 we hardly make love anymore.I have trouble with an erection but sometimes can get it up to do the job.We fool around in other ways some times.What do you think is the problem.?


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    Leftout; There are many reasons that this problem could be happening. For instance, it could be a medical problem, a medication-related problem, or a relationship problem. I'm wondering how long this has been going on, as well as about your relationship outside of the bedroom. If you have not seen your medical doctor about this, that is a good place to start so you can rule out a medical problem and maybe address the possibility of the problem being related to medicine. If you want to share more here, maybe we can help more, too.
  • 6 months ago

    RE: Wife has no interest in sex

    Hi do you have trouble urinating? do you have a problem ejaculating, do you get in the night many times to urinate, do you always fill your bladder is not empty? is so these are signs of an enlarged prostate, go see a gyno and ask for a DRE test to be done, digital rectal exam a lot better than a PSA, it could be an enlargement that's benign, and for that ask about TUNA its not the fish, But do go and get tested ASAP OK