• 7 days ago

    Bleeding after sex

    This is the second time this has happened but I had sex with my boyfriend about 8-9 hours ago and I've been bleeding ever since. It's not a ton (period amount) and it's thinner than normal period blood. But it's enough to where I'm wearing a panty liner pad. I'm just a bit worried about why this is happening.


  • 7 days ago

    RE: Bleeding after sex

    Hi Is your sex on the rough side, where your not getting a lot of self lubrication? as not all women flood with lubrication, you could try using coconut oil why having sex this will give you lots of slip, so get you guys penis well oiled up some around your vaginal opening and give it a go.

    But only after you have healed up I think you may have some small tears inside your vagina, if the blood is bright red then its fresh blood, try bathing in a warm sea salt bath daily, and let the water get inside your vagina, this will help clean your tears and aid the healing of them.OK

      • 7 days ago
        Hi, thank you. Yes it was rough and he went pretty deep this time and there wasn't any lube. Since I've posted this there has been more bleeding. My period should be coming soon, I was wondering if this could have caused it to come sooner?
      • 6 days ago
        Hi If he is on the large side then yes it could have started your period from shock, if your staying with this guy tell him to take it slowly, if you want to stop him going to deep your need a solid foam ring to put round his penis to stop him. OK

  • RE: Bleeding after sex

    I can understand your worry. As we cannot know what is going on from your post, I suggest you see your doctor to be properly evaluated.
      • 1 day ago
        Yes you might have an infection bleeding after sex should be taken to a doctor so that he can check you history.