• 9 days ago

    I resent my boyfriend's daughter

    Before everyone jumps down my throat, just know that this is incredibly hard for me to admit. Believe me when I say I've tried to love or even like my boyfriend's daughter. Yes, I am aware she is just an innocent child whose done absolutely nothing wrong. However, whenever we spend time together or when he gets her for the weekend, I writhe with anger the entire time. It affects my mood and I find it hard to even get out of bed knowing we will be spending the day together. I dread it more anything at this point. To me she is just a reminder that I will never be the first to give him a child...he shared this moment with another woman and my child will never have that special spot in his heart. He's told me that he will never abandon his daughter and that he will never not be in her life so this is something that is "MY" problem so to say but most of the time I feel miserable about it. I want to spend the rest of my life with my boyfriend, but how can I overcome these feelings? It's more than me not "loving" his daughter, I actually dislike her.


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    RE: I resent my boyfriend's daughter

    Honestly, he's right. His child will always be part of his life and if you cannot accept that in all happiness then the best thing you can do is break up ... and not date men who have children in the future.
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    RE: I resent my boyfriend's daughter

    Hi Then things will never get any better, I think its time to pack your bags and move on.

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    I'm curious about what you think makes this SO difficult for you. There are many different responses you could have, such as being sad as opposed to angry, looking forward to having your own life and children with him, feeling happy to share in the relationship with him, etc. Maybe we can help you if we (and you) understand your reaction more fully.
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    RE: I resent my boyfriend's daughter

    That is really really selfish of you. You can not change the fact that he has a daughter. How would you feel if it was your kid his first baby and then he starts a life with someone else and she dislikes your baby?
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    RE: I resent my boyfriend's daughter

    I was in a marriage like this, we dated for two years and at times she would hurt my daughter, but not so I would feel she did it on purpose. 7 months after we were married she turned to me one night and said I hate your daughter, I looked at her and said this marriage is over and left. I was in the same type of situation where I picked up my daughter every wheekend.
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    RE: I resent my boyfriend's daughter

    I would say you have a problem with priorities - firstly the child is innocent and as the adult you have to make compromises when it comes to your feelings that's if you truly love this man - you should be grateful that you are with a man who shows concern for his children/child from another relationship - how would you feel if it was your child and the boyfriend's father did not want him - he is unlike other men who abandon their children when they move on - face your demons and deal with them its not about you its about a child who has a broken home and even if that child has a mother already - its your Godly duty to make the best of that child's life because you own something of value to that child - the father - you have to work hard to make a child adore you if you battle seek professional help as to how to create and maintain a relationship with a child who is not biologically yours - for me I salute your boyfriend - it shows that when he has another child with you - he will really take care of them and isn't that what all women want? if you really love him you have to work hard - there is a child as stake here and you are an adult - have compassion for the child whose parents are no longer together - the least you could do is make it worthwhile for the child and God will bless you fully - face your demons and deal with them.