• 12 days ago


    Not had sex with my other half for about 29yrs..Tried many things like going for a romantic meal gently rubbing her shoulders even a romantic holiday..Nothing..Talked about it which nothing came about..I have been faithful and not strayed from our marriage.. Find it very difficult to carry on without having sex..A friend said use your hand but it's not the same...


  • 11 days ago

    RE: Sex

    Hey Anonymous, man that really bites! 29 years? I am right up there with you, or was for 20 years self inflicted. Once I had the right lady, that all went out the window. I really think you two should seek out some counseling together, or even just you? Yes, just by yourself; in order to learn how to cope with your current situation. There is certain situations that some couples choose to have an open marriage. Perhaps one partner has had something, or some kind of surgery, or whatever, and insists the other partner go find sex with another. Run that by her, see what she thinks of that idea? Make sure you tell her that she is the only love of your life, and nothing will change that. Who knows, she just might take that as a threat and have more sex with you? Hopefully, the love you show her, and the conversation you have, makes her see how much you still want to have sex with her and her only?

    All I can say is I hope for the best for both of you!

  • 9 days ago

    RE: Sex

    Hi when a women says no that's it I worked with a guy his wife just gave up after there last child, this was so many years ago, he just went off doing contract work and lots of fanny as much as he could find, but he said if was not for his kids he would have been away 12 months later.

    A bit like you when a women says no it stays no, so 28 years ago you should have been off to have done perhaps the same thing, or just gone away to the sex life you have always wanted.

    Your marriage has been a complete mismatch, Sorry but that my views OK