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    Looking for friend/companionship

    I am a 70 year old woman looking for a friend/companion. Dating sites are not my thing, I did give them a try and it was not a great experience. I love to travel and had a long distance relationship for many years. I'm physically active and enjoy being outside, love the water, ocean, river, lake and being grateful for each day. My special interests are doing art work and riding my motorcycle when the weather permits.


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    RE: Looking for friend/companionship

    Everything going to be okay with
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        I think his pen run out, leaves you wondering what you would be OK with
        Answers please keep them short and clean.

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    It sounds like you have so much to offer! I really hope you find the special someone you are looking for.

    The online "scene" takes great patience and willingness to withstand going through many profiles and lots of missed connections. Sometimes people need to engage them in small doses, though it might be -- as you said -- just not your thing at all.

    Often, the best place to begin is with connecting with friends to just enjoy life, as well as for the possibility that they know someone to introduce you to. Also, have you tried taking classes or joining clubs (e.g. hiking club)? You might meet someone there to date, or someone who knows someone. The basic idea is to do things that increase your likelihood of meeting a similar minded person. Have you tried these things? What kind of success, if any, have you had with any of it?

    Also, I'm wondering, in general, what have you tried? And what obstacles have you been facing?