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  • 2 months ago

    Infertility with One Ovary?

    I had an ovary removed when I was still a child due to a benign tumor that was constricting blood flow and causing extreme pain. I was very young, but continued to see a gynecologist for the years to come ensuring appropriate sexual development. I had multiple procedures when I was 10/11 to inhibit the coming of my period (delayed it by two years) and I got it again when I was 13. Since that period, it has been consistent and I never missed a single month & it did not change the timing it came....
  • 3 months ago

    Accuracy of genetic testing

    I was surpised to find out that I became pregnant 5 days after my 40th birthday. I was also surprised to find out that my initial ultrasound showed a possible set of twins. Due to being in the "high risk" category, I chose to obtain gc testing to rule out any possibilities, all testing was conducted via Kaiser. My first ultrasound with my OB displayed only one baby. My NIPT test came back 93% positive for T21 (down syndrome). I followed up with an NT exam in which bay showed no soft markers....
  • 5 months ago

    What is going on with my body

    Skipped my period the first of mo. ( I normally have a Regular cycle, only time it has skipped is when I was pregnant) Two weeks after skipped period , tested positive HCG light line, same day started bleeding, brown, pink, dull red very light, spotting, for 4 days and it just stopped. Retested it was negative HCG.. retested today out of three test one showed faint line. The week before I started bleeding, I felt hormonal changes ( breast swelling, mood swings, smells got louder, head aches, constipation....
  • 5 months ago


    I've had tubes tied since 06 and I've missed my cycle. I took 2 tests but both negative...
  • 8 months ago

    Post vasectomy pregnancy?

    I am curious about possibly being pregnant. I haven't taken a test yet, but if I've timed my period correctly, I'm 2 days late, and its normally like clockwork. I've been having heartburn, bleeding gums, super sensitive, tender nipples/breasts, more emotional than normal, changes in appetite. A few other symptoms, but they're not as constant. I've had other children who are older and I'm in my early 40s. My SI had a vasectomy a couple of years ago, but I know that's....
  • 10 months ago

    Should I opt for post natal care services?

    Hi, I am a female (35, Caucasian) and I just gave birth to two lovely twins last week. I had to move to India with my husband last year, and I have been exploring a few mother care/baby care services here. I am really worried about my newborns' needs, and my husband has to go to work except on the weekends. My in-laws too are based out of another city, and I think these post-natal services should be of help to me. So what are your thoughts on such services with post-natal care programs? I am....
  • 10 months ago

    A little scared

    So I am going to be 40 in January, and my husband and I are talking about starting a family. We are both healthy, but I am a little scared. I have arthritis throughout my neck, shoulders, back and hips and I am worried that the pregnancy might make things worse. I might just be overreacting, but I wanted to get some insight.
  • 10 months ago


    What's more dangerous for the fetus -- taking 30 mg of Trazodone per night or rarely getting sleep and being in a constant state of worry, stress, and/or despair?
  • over 1 year ago

    Vaginal bleeding at 5 weeks

    Im 37 and I found out two days ago that I’m pregnant (5wks), at first I was spotting brown discharge and it was only when I wiped, I went to the doctor for my confirmation of pregnancy, doctor did a vaginal exam, the next day my spotting increased and this time the blood is red and a light flow, some cramping off and on but very dull, not painful at all. I’ve read that some bleeding is common and could be several contributing factors. I told my doctor and she had me to do a blood test to test my....
  • over 1 year ago

    What is the possibility

    I am 38 yrs old married! I have had my monthly cycle since I was 12 every month on time all the time like clockwork well in April my period came due and no period so I waited for May cycle and it was a no show I am 34 days late in cycle day 66 and I have always had 34 day cycle my hpt either show a light positive sign or negative I have larger breast some sickness a higher body temp and frequent bathroom trips in April when I was due for my period I got sick with sore throat and congestion for a....