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  • 3 days ago

    Am I pregnant

    I had sex on 6/30/19 . Today is 7/12/19 and the last week I’ve felt nausea, tiredness , light cramping , creamy discharge and my slight pain in my boobs . Is it too early to tell ?
  • 6 days ago

    Could I be pregnant????

    Hi guys, I have irregular periods. Like seriously irregular. But this passed week I've been having typical pregnancy symptoms. My fiance and I haven't been actively trying to conceive but we aren't prevent either. Now my first and last period this year was in May. The passed 2 weeks I've been feeling dizzy, nauseous, having lower back pain, abdominal cramps, and craving water like it's for dear life. Let's not mention my increased appetite. I've taken 2 home pregnancy....
  • 11 days ago


    I have been having pregnancy symptoms for the 2-3 weeks or so including nausea/vomiting, frequent urination, extreme fatigue, headaches and more. Everyone I've told tells me I'm pregnant. I've taken several at home pregnancy tests, 2 being an easy to see line and about 7 being very faint lines. My first easy to see positive was 6/23/19 and my other was on 6/28/19. I went to planned parenthood and my tests came back negative but then they looked at my vagina and said it looked like I was....
  • 1 month ago


    I went to a party flirted with this kid same age and I really liked him so we went to a closet and made out for a bit I think I did naughty things while I wasn’t fully lucid I wake up with my skirt off , panties down and white stuff coming out of my thing I was rolled over on my back I’m only 13 I don't know how pregnancy works I know that you kiss and stuff but that’s it this was about a month and a half ago and I get super nauseous in the mornings now and I didn’t get my period abortion is....
  • 2 months ago

    Could I be pregnant

    Ok I have know Idea how this pregnancy works and all . But ive had sexual intercourse with my partner. And Just this morning at about 5am I thought awesome I'd get up make me and my partner a Milo before he's due to catch his flight anyway. I had my Milo which I haven't had any problems drinking it before but This morning I was back and forwards to the toilet spewing. So I thought ok because I can't down a Milo I'll have a cuppa . And since then I've been OK
  • 3 months ago


    So I usually have a period that lasts 6-7 days and very heavy through the whole period. My last period only lasted about four days and it was very light compared to what it usually is. I've been having unprotected sex with one guy only. He ejaculates in me every time. I've been bloated before and after that strange very off period. I usually dont get bloated. I have had nausea and ive stopped myself from throwing up quite a few times over the past couple of days. I have an excessive amount....
  • 4 months ago

    Gastritis/ acid reflux/ bloating

    I am about 11 weeks in my pregnancy and I'm having massive stomach issues. I feel I'm full of air, constantly burping. Does anyone else feel like this ? I also feel like my acid reflux burns my esophagus and the mouth of my stomach hurts which causes me to bloat up. Help any suggestions.
  • Might be pregnant??

    Ok so about 3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he came inside. We thought everything was fine at first and the next week I even started the Nuvaring. Before I even started the birth control my breasts started to get swollen and tender and I wasn't due for my period yet at all. I was and still am nauseous, have a terrible acne breakout which is uncommon for me, lower backache, frequent need to urinate, headache and dizziness, bloating, etc. I strongly feel like I could be....
  • 4 months ago

    Sex and weird period off and on

    The past maybe 2 weeks I've been having all the pregnancy symptoms. Me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex almost 2x a week at most. I do have irregular periods. I started my period off weird it was light to where I didn't need a pad or tampon then to bright red for 2 days then brown now. It was on and off for a few days. I have been very nauseated and headaches and bloating. My belly feels hard. My boobs are somewhat sensitive sometimes. My friends say I have this glow to me and my....
  • 4 months ago


    Is taking prenatal vitamins a requirement? What would happen if I don't? They make me constipated and sick.