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  • 13 days ago

    How soon can a women have a positive pregnancy test after sex

    It’s a long story so I’m gonna cut to the chase. If the first time a man and woman had sex together was on October 5th could the woman have a positive pregnancy test as soon as October 16th and 17th?
  • 15 days ago

    Post vasectomy pregnancy?

    I am curious about possibly being pregnant. I haven't taken a test yet, but if I've timed my period correctly, I'm 2 days late, and its normally like clockwork. I've been having heartburn, bleeding gums, super sensitive, tender nipples/breasts, more emotional than normal, changes in appetite. A few other symptoms, but they're not as constant. I've had other children who are older and I'm in my early 40s. My SI had a vasectomy a couple of years ago, but I know that's....
  • 19 days ago


    Yes I have been on the depo shot for a few years now I was about 2 weeks late getting the shot this month due to insurance but now im feeling very sick tired just wondering is there any chance I could got pregnant that soon ?
  • 20 days ago


    I am on birth control but I skipped the last week of pills and went straight to a new pack. I still had a period, and after about four days I had sex and the days after that I had 3 days of dark brown discharge. It then went back to normal period like blood for 3-4 days, but I had no PMS symptoms. I’m now very nauseous and bloated, and I’m angry about everything. I’m also on spironalactone and I stopped taking it for fear that I was pregnant. Could I be pregnant?
  • 20 days ago

    Not sure

    My husband and I have been trying to convince & I have been taking prenatal & viatex to better our chances. I missed my period last month but light spotting here & there. Sometimes feel nauseated & tired. I also have a weird feeling in my lower left side of stomach occasionally like a movement of some sort. Not sure if it's a sign we are pregnant or just nothing at all. Any help is much appreciated.
  • 20 days ago


    So I have been getting light positive pregnancy tests for about a month. I did have some bleeding around when my period was due. First day was spotting and two days of light bleeding Then a other day of spotting. My normal period is 5 to 6 days. Went and got blood work at urgent care two weeks ago came negative. But I still get light positives on tests. Symptoms are -oily skin -off taste in mouth -cramps -No food taste good -moody -nausea -always tired My doctor is out of town for two more weeks....
  • 1 month ago

    Should I Take a Plan B Pill?

    It’s been a day since I had the incident. We were in doggy and he pulled out of me, ejaculating on my butthole. I was afraid it would leak to my vulva, so I quickly flipped over and wiped away the semen. I’m not sure if I felt the semen on my vulva or not, but I did accidentally make the mistake of repeating the wipe with the same cloth. After that, I wiped the area with different baby wipes many times. I’m assuming I’m still in my infertile window since my cervix is low and firm, and my cervical....
  • 1 month ago

    How likely is it?

    My boyfriend came on my *** and I flipped over before it could leak anywhere near my entrance, though it could’ve, I’m not sure. Anyways, when that happened, I quickly cleaned up the area using baby wipes and hand sanitizer. Should I be worried or?
  • 1 month ago

    Positive tests??

    These things are so confusing. I started having some symptoms so I took a couple tests. The 1st one had a dark blue streak but its very thin. So I thought its probably a negative or maybe the strip is defective. I retested 3 days later to be sure and got back a faint but still blue line the same width as the control line. The picture quality suffered when being uploaded so hard to see but it is faintly blue. I'm reading around that a faint positive is still a positive. But the 2nd test is fainter....
  • 1 month ago


    If my last period was August 7th and I took a test on October 1, 2019 how many weeks would I be