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  • 15 days ago

    can a virgin get pregnant by just entering the penis once and taking out by the precum???

    Oneday my girlfriend gave me blowjob. But I didn't ejaculate. After that i just inserted my penis into her vagina and took it out. Didn't give her a penetration. Just only inserted it once and took out. I didn't cum inside her vagina or even out side of the vagina. This is the first time we did it and we never had sex before. After that I fingered her twice but I didn't had semen on my fingers as I didn't do ejaculation until I finished fingering her. She is a virgin but I used....
  • 19 days ago

    Question about pregnancy

    I have a question about pregnancy, I know i am a huge douche for asking this question but I have to make sure. Here is the storyline: 02/05 - Her period begans (has a doctor's note stating LMP 02/05/2020) 02/12 - Had unprotected sex (it seems like her period is still not done? there was traces of bloods) to 02/23- Had unprotected sex couple of times Now that today, 3/14/2020, she is telling me that she is 5 weeks pregnant. It doesn't add up. It is VERY unlikely to become pregnant during her....
  • 20 days ago

    Clomid and ovulation question

    I took clomid from days 6-10 this past cycle and started using ovulation test sticks last week starting on day 17 of my cycle because I knew I would start ovulating soon. Anyway, I got a solid smiley, positive ovulation test last Thursday. My period started today though and I thought my period would start around 2 weeks past ovulation so I am kind of concerned. Is it okay that my period started so soon?
  • 30 days ago

    Accuracy of genetic testing

    I was surpised to find out that I became pregnant 5 days after my 40th birthday. I was also surprised to find out that my initial ultrasound showed a possible set of twins. Due to being in the "high risk" category, I chose to obtain gc testing to rule out any possibilities, all testing was conducted via Kaiser. My first ultrasound with my OB displayed only one baby. My NIPT test came back 93% positive for T21 (down syndrome). I followed up with an NT exam in which bay showed no soft markers....
  • 1 month ago

    Could I be pregnant or something else

    Hi I started experiencing some weird symptoms over the past week. I had some very light brown spotting happen on Valentine’s Day and it was only there a couple times when I wiped, now I have a off and on pain in my ovary and feel slight nausea. I also look somewhat bloated, have lower back/hip pain, and I’m very moody . My period had ended about 5-6 days before Valentine’s Day. I did lose my first kid before Christmas and wondering what’s up with these sudden symptoms. Thanks
  • 1 month ago

    Camping in a tent

    So I'm going camping for Fourth of July weekend. Sleeping in a tent no showers... what good can I take to eat... since I can't eat cold cut lunch meats... please help
  • Am I pregnant after tubes are tied

    So I'm catching myself becoming more and more stuck on this my breasts have always been small since I was like 17.((they went from c to life long b cup))no matter if I gain a little theyre still about the same size.when I lose weight they're the first thing to go.I weigh 130
  • Can I impregnate my wife without Intercourse and without a Doctor

    Here's the story. My wife and I are early 40s. She's had one miscarriage in the past. We have tried to conceive again but with no luck. Lately the whole process has caused me some performance anxiety and especially around the time I know she's most fertile. So, when I need to perform, I sometimes can't. It's maddening. I feel like an emotional child because of this but that's just something I'll have to get over. As many of you may know anxiety causes performance issues....
  • 1 month ago

    A week pregnant?

    I had unprotected sex on the 7th Feb (Ovulation calendar said between the 6th and 10th) it is now the 13th Feb so only 6 days later but since 10th I've had fatigue, cramping and nausea but is it too early to have symptoms? I'm worried I'm over thinking but to wait for my next period is nerve racking.. Any one know if it's too early for symptoms? If so any idea what it could be? The cramping is on my right side and can be severe but goes away when walking or lying down. I checked for....
  • 2 months ago

    plan b 17 days late

    december 28- suspected day of ovulation January 1- unprotected sex. no ejaculation, finished with a condomn. only got 3-5 thrust w/o condomn. january 2- took plan b january 10-16 had bleeding. like breakthrough bleeding, normal for my cycle. january 18- expected start date. february 3- now 17 days late. 6 pregnancy test taken so far. all negative. last one taken on january 25. no signs of pregnancy. breaking out with acne as usual before starting period. What are your thoughts?