• 2 months ago

    Concerned about AMH level

    Hi Ladies! I am 36, got married last year, and husband and I are starting to think about kids. We've been not preventing since June.

    Both of us would like kids, but also accept if it doesnt work out - we could go either way. I did at home fertility testing and everything was right in the normal range, except for my AMH which was 1.1. According to the report I got, that is low normal for my age. Good news is my cycle is very regular (28-32 days) and I know I am ovulating. Both my husband and i are in very good health - a bit overweight but we are working on that. :) Bad news is my mom started having issues in her 30s and was done with menopause before age 45 (she had both of her kids in her late 20s)

    Can anyone share experiences getting pregnant naturally with low AMH? i am not going to get too discouraged but it would be nice to hear from others in my situation. Thanks!