• 2 months ago

    Should I opt for post natal care services?

    Hi, I am a female (35, Caucasian) and I just gave birth to two lovely twins last week. I had to move to India with my husband last year, and I have been exploring a few mother care/baby care services here. I am really worried about my newborns' needs, and my husband has to go to work except on the weekends. My in-laws too are based out of another city, and I think these post-natal services should be of help to me.

    So what are your thoughts on such services with post-natal care programs? I am really interested to know from others who have opted for such services. Thanks!

    EDIT - I went ahead with one of these guys - https://care24.co.in/infant-care. I am happy I opted for a post natal care service, and would recommend anyone else as well.