• 21 days ago

    Don’t know how to feel about this, wanted an unbiased opinion

    Hi I am wondering, the last two weeks I have been very bloated and look like I could be a few months pregnant I am so bloated. And it is not going down. I have all the symptoms of a pregnancy and first I thought ok it’s just PMS and I had what I thought was my period, but it was a little late (4 days) and ; sorry for the details; it started Thursday in the evening very very light and bright pink and only when wiping, then Friday it began to be a little more, to the point I had to wear my least absorbent pair of thinx period pants but mostly dark brown and red and then Saturday it went back to the way it was Thursday but brown and only when wiping. Usually my period lasts 3-4 days and is heavy.. I still have those symptoms that I thought were PMS now, a few days after this so called period and it includes this severe bloating, nausea in between meals so I feel like I always want to be eating but still I don’t want anything (it’s a weird feeling), severe fatigue but insomnia during night, constipation, gas, breasts tingling and also like some tingling or a weird feeling I can’t describe in various places in the abdomen- mostly low in middle of the uterus, frequent urination, very emotional (I cry over everything and basically have a road rage if someone bugs me a tiny bit), pressure down my legs, sneezing and stuffy nose and I feel a little hot like I might have a really low fever or I run hotter then usual, certain smells make me want to scream at people.. etc.. but, I took a pregnancy test and it is negative. Can anybody relate to this and knows what is up ? I have an appointment with my gyno but I just can’t wait and feel like this until then.. is it possible that I had a false negative ?