• 5 months ago

    morning sickness

    I'm a first time mom to be, and a full time teacher. Morning sickness isn't really an option when you have a class of 24 eager and energetic little minds to occupy! no to morning sickness" tea works well as something to have on hand when the nausea starts to rear its ugly head. It doesn't make the symptoms of morning sickness completely disappear, but it does help! I brew a big batch every morning as I like mine cold. It tastes great, and its awesome that there is no caffeine in it since it allows me to still have my morning cup of coffee and not go over that 200 mg a day limit of caffeine that is so important during pregnancy! Would definitely recommend to a friend.


  • 4 months ago

    RE: morning sickness

    I was also a teacher with my first pregnancy. I was very fortunate l only had one weekend of nausea and that was all. I am now pregnant with my second but very newly pregnant. So it's possible l could still get nausea with this pregnancy. Thanks for your recommendation. I will def try it if l need it. :)