• 7 months ago

    Third Trimester Travel Plans

    I am a first time mom, 33 weeks and my husband and I are planning to take a 7.5 hour trip home for labor day at 35.5 weeks. Has anyone done this and can tell me what I might expect?

    Currently I am working without limitations. Starting to feel heavier and started using a seatbelt loop to keep the belt off the pubic bone. I know to take frequent stretch breaks and tip feet up whenever possible. Any other thoughts on what to bring with us and advice for how to make the journey safer?


  • 7 months ago

    RE: Third Trimester Travel Plans

    First off, all of this should go by your doctor. Honestly, I would skip the trip this year. I know what a bummer it is but I don't think the reward will be worth the risk in this case. It'll be a hard trip and you'll be tired while you're there and there's the risk of going into labor. (Stress from things like travel can also bring on labor.) Mine wanted me to stay within an hour or so of home around that time. I went into labor on my own at 38 weeks with a 0-complication pregnancy, working through the very last day with no limitations. She said that there were a number of times around your gestation she had patients that traveled and ended up delivering away from home.

    If you do still go, definitely create a list of every hospital on your route, especially those with L&D wards (they don't all have it) and NICUs. Whatever you do, do not put your feet up in the car if your car has airbags. They are designed to operate with someone sitting normally. If you have your feet on the dash, during a crash, the outcome can be horrific, even without a pregnancy to consider. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Circle your ankles, stomp your feet, encourage circulation. The concern is blood clots.

    And, ask your doc about the seatbelt situation. I am not familiar with a seatbelt loop. I was able to wear mine normally throughout. I'm not sure that they would be recommended by car safety professionals, though. Remember that seatbelts are designed to rest on places where you have bones to absorb impact. Low and tight across your hips where you have bones to protect your innards and across your sternum where you have a bone to protect your innards and absorb shock. When I was in a car accident while pregnant and called the nurse line to ask what to do, one of the questions they asked was if I was wearing my seatbelt properly. (When LO gets here, that's where their belts should go, too. On pelvis with the chest clip on the sternum.)