• 1 month ago

    Concerned and confused

    I had unprotected sex around 3 months ago (used the pull out method) and have been having problems since. My menstral cycle, which is usually extremely regular, on the heavier side, and lasts for 3-4 days, has suddenly become very light and short. (Won't fill a pad/ tampon and last about 24 hours) The color has also changed ranging from bright red to pink without clots. I have also been having a lot of breast pain and a bit of swelling with veins running through my aereolas (which are new). I have also been recently having some bloating and pain in the lower abdomen (not severe it feels like I pulled a few muscles) along with my lower back. I had a doctors appointment where they took a female hormone and iron levels blood test. They said that both are fine and that nothing is wrong. Could a hormone test detect things like a cyst, pregnancy, or other underlying possibilities? I just have been feeling strange, and I don't want anything that needs treatment to be ignored.