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    My doctor said I could have blighed Ovum

    Hello everyone,
    I’m making this post because I’m scared to death. Yesterday while at work I started to have light bleeding. I assumed it was from the vaginal ultrasound I had the day before. When I took my lunch break I noticed that the bleeding had become heavier. So I immediately called my doctor. The receptionist told me no appointments where available and to immediately go to the hospital. So I went to the hospital and they informed me that my hcg level had dropped from 22000 to 18000. The doctor said I was threatening a miscarriage. My bleeding didn’t increase as a matter of fact it began to decrease. When one of the doctors from my clinic arrived he checked and my cervix was still closed. I finally got one of the nurses to give me a copy of my ultrasound which was done the day before. It said I was 6 weeks and 4 days and a gestational sac was present and also a yolk sac but no fetal poles or heartbeat was detected. I was panicking googling every word so I could understand the report. I went to my doctor today which is now the next day. She didn’t check my hcg level again. She did an ultrasound but not vaginal it was with the probe on top of my stomach. She said she still only saw a sac with no baby. She asked me if I wanted meds to induce the miscarriage I said no. I didn’t believe that my baby was not there but maybe it was to early in my pregnancy for it to show. Plus I read online that if a yolk is present then so is a baby. Anyway she told me to come back in a week and if I haven’t passed the baby by miscarriage by then she will check my hcg level again and see if it has increased. I’m terrified is it possible that my baby can just be to small to be visible at this point? Or is the reality I’m having a miscarriage and this is real? Somebody please help me understand! I already have two boys ages 9 & 3 both full term healthy pregnancies. I want my babygirl so bad I’m just terrified.


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    RE: My doctor said I could have blighed Ovum

    I had a miscarriage too. But I do not want anymore baby. I am done for now.
    If I marry again someone I love then may have one more baby.
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    I'm sorry you're going through this. How do you know this is a girl? If your HCG level is dropping or even not rising appropriately, that's usually a pretty solid sign you are having a miscarriage. Generally by your gestation you should be able to see a baby and cardiac activity. But, unless there is a specific reason you need to induce the miscarriage now, there's nothing wrong with waiting a week for a follow up ultrasound to see if there has been any growth. If you're not 100% confident it's a loss, do that so you can be comfortable with the outcome and not have that niggling "what if I jumped the gun?" But, I'd also recommend a second opinion. I'm not impressed with your care. 1. That they did a TV US and didn't tell you anything about it then. 2. That when you called, they brushed you off & sent you to the ER (which, unless you yourself are in danger--bleeding to where you may bleed out, signs of ectopic, etc.--is a waste. If it's a early miscarriage, there's usually nothing to do about it.), apparently without checking your chart then. 3. Followed up with an external US to diagnose a miscarriage, when the embryo is tiny and you want to be absolutely certain, and recommended you induce MC based on that. 4. It doesn't seem like they've treated you as though this is anything more monumental than, say, a UTI. There seems to be a poor bedside manner that doesn't take into account the emotional gravity of the situation. Either way, I'd probably look for a new practice. And again, unless there is something to indicate you are in danger (sepsis, ectopic, excessive bleeding), there is no harm in waiting to see if there's growth or waiting to pass it naturally. Naturally wasn't my style but it is a medically sound option in most cases.