• 2 months ago

    Who's gotten there tubes tied at a young age?

    Hi so I'm going on my 3rd baby 26 wks preggers and I'm absolutely certain that I want to tie my tubes once I give birth. I already spoken to my partner and he also agrees it's for the best. so I've spoken to my my family and most say dont do it because it causes hormone imbalance since I'm supposably young (24) and that it has bad side effects ect ect... almost all the older woman say they regret doing it cause they wanted more children in the end and me and my partner talked about this and well baby fever can always go away I can always buy an expensive puppy if I were to be all sad... so anyways I told the doctor and she was also hesitating to give me the papers stating I'm young and will regret it (wanting more kids in the end) she didnt mention that I'm young and can cause bad side effects only that I'm going to regret not having anymore children. I googled it but I need personal opinions of those who got her tubes tied young ? Did it cause any health problems ?? Does it cause horomone imbalance for tieing at a young age 24 ??????