• 3 months ago

    C section

    During my first pregnancy my son flipped and went breech. So we had to get a c section. Everything was great, however the doctor told me that my birth canal was so small I would of never been able to have a vaginal birth. Unfortunately she only said it verbally and didn't write it down.
    Now we are trying to conceive a second child and my doctor's office has already told me they won't schedule c-sections (unless there is a complication). How can I avoid the stress on both my potential future child in myself to only end up getting a C-section regardless?


  • 3 months ago

    RE: C section

    If you're truly concerned, try calling another office just to see what they'd do in that situation. Would they just not schedule until it's NEEDED, or could they schedule it due to your previous pregnancy..? If their answer makes you feel better, consider switching Doctors.