• 21 days ago

    Need a rough percentage

    I want a rough estimate of the chance my GF will be pregnant, here's the situation: She had her menstruation 3 days ago,
    We had sex today, my penis is 3inches only, 1st round, I ejaculated outside, after around 45mins, we went for 2nd round,I notice there's a liquid in the tip of my penis, i dont know if it's preseminal fluids or leftover semen from 1st round, 2nd round, I also ejaculated outside. She disnt took any contraceptives, but after around 4hrs after our unprotected sex, she started taking ECP called Levonorgestrel tablet and will be taking it for 30 days. Can you guys estimate the chance that she will be pregnant?


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    RE: Need a rough percentage

    Why is she going to take it for 30 days? It's supposed to be an ECP, right? She should only take the dose(s) recommended.

    Nobody can estimate the chances of pregnancy - there are too many unknowns in the equation (that's why you can have sex during your fertile period and still not get pregnant right away).
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    1. That doesn’t sound like the usual dosage of emergency contraceptives. She should take them correctly.
    2. Your penis size is irrelevant to this issue.
    3. Any given cycle, for a couple that is trying to make a baby & having well-timed sex, the chance is 20%.
    4. How old are you two? It sounds like you could both do well with some education.
      • 18 days ago
        We're both teens, that's why her getting pregnant might be a big problem for both of us. Also, about the dosage, sorry I didnt ask her, she's the one who read the manual, all i saw was the medicine pack which contain around 30 tablets I think so I assumed it's to be taken for 30 days