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    I'm 14 weeks pregnant with twins and have no stomach at all. At my 12 weeks appt
    My Doctors said she could
    Only near one heartbeat. Should I be worried?


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    Was your doctor just using a Doppler? If so, I would assume that they were just unable to find the second heartbeat. It can be hard early on to track them down in there. Now they are tiny & can easily squirm away. If your doctor was okay with it, I wouldn’t worry. But I know that’s easier said than done so if the next appointment was the same, I’d ask to hear both via Doppler or to do a quick ultrasound to see that both are okay.
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    Lol I was 14 weeks barely showing. I'm 35 weeks now with twins, don't rush to get big I promise you lol I'm huge now! I was anxious too but now I just want my girls out of me smh I'm in a lot of pain, can't sleep just uncomfortable all the way around, but I am happy they haven't been born yet regardless of how my body feels. It's safe for them to still grow in my stomach ... as far as only detecting one heartbeat after they didn't hear the other heartbeat your doctor should've brought out that portable ultrasound screen they have and checked!
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    You'll get big in no time lol. My attentive midwives always make it a point to find both heartbeats but the one instance I had an actual male doctor he breezed thru the appointment & didn't bother to find the other baby & I was 20 wks at the time. I've requested midwives ever since & lucky me now I see a midwife who is also a twin herself!! I say don't worry about it, you will see them beautiful babies in an ultrasound soon, although I know it's easier said than done since twins are just higher risk in general.