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    Breeched baby at 24w & confused first time mommy

    Hello mommies.. I’m expecting my first baby and really confused on most of the things... my baby is still breeched, since the beginning baby has been breeched and now I’m 24W pregnant. Also the sonologist said that baby has his/her butt down and position is in a way that it cannot be sure if it’s a baby boy or girl, so she said since I cannot see anything you might be having a girl...

    Now I’m confused if I should start shopping for pink or not???? Could it be a baby boy and due to position his little thingie isn’t showing?



  • over 1 year ago

    RE: Breeched baby at 24w & confused first time mommy

    Babies are generally still flipping around all over at that point. Head down, butt down, sideways... I wouldn’t label it “breech” even if it’s technically correct at the moment because that implies not flipping. Was the tech able to see everything they needed to for the anatomy scan? If the tech wasn’t able to get a good image to definitively say what your baby’s sex is, you can: roll the dice and by female gendered stuff, wait to be surprised, take & pay for a blood test (I think one brand is Sneak Peak or something and I think it’s about $80), go to an ultrasound boutique to see if they have better luck another day, try to talk your doctor into another ultrasound... Unless this is your last or you don’t mind if your baby boy is cruising in a pink stroller or whatever (I don’t. I just got stuff I liked because baby doesn’t notice or care.), I would personally aim to get more gender neutral stuff anyways.