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    So I usually have a period that lasts 6-7 days and very heavy through the whole period. My last period only lasted about four days and it was very light compared to what it usually is. I've been having unprotected sex with one guy only. He ejaculates in me every time. I've been bloated before and after that strange very off period. I usually dont get bloated. I have had nausea and ive stopped myself from throwing up quite a few times over the past couple of days. I have an excessive amount of creamy white discharge that sometimes goes down my legs a lot with how much there is and that's been happening for quite a few days now. It doesnt have an off odor and theres no pain or itchiness. I've been sleeping a lot more than I usually do and my nipples have become bigger and kind of look like they have become swollen and my breasts have become sore which is unusual for me. Ive tried looking up all of this individually and all together and the thing that shows up every time is pregnancy. I dont know if i am and I want to go to a doctor to see but I have no way of getting to one at the moment and i have no idea on where the places are so I'd have to ask someone i know to go with me. I was wondering if anyone else had similar things when they were pregnant or if these symptoms were the cause of something else.


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    You don't need to see a doctor to find out if you're pregnant. Just take a pregnancy test.
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    How old are you? Like the other person said, you don’t need to go to the doctor. Just take a test. Walmart has super cheap ones, as does the dollar store. When you said you have creamy discharge, was this directly after your period or a couple weeks later? As for the doctor, if you are not pregnant at this time, you still need to find a doctor so you can get on birth control if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life raising a child with this guy. Just Google “OB/Gyn (your town)” or go to Planned Parenthood. Pick someone you like and make an appointment.
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    I am 20 and I know I dont have to go to a doctor for it but they would be able to do a blood test which ive heard is something that gives more accurate results.
      • : I've gotten faint positives on HPTs with an HCG of 4.86. (Blood test right after because I was in the care of a fertility specialist.) Technically that's just under the clinical definition of pregnant. In a healthy pregnancy, HCG is doubling every 48 hrs in the beginning so an HPT is completely sufficient. It's not worth going to the dr just to confirm at that point. Sure, a dating ultrasound at about 7-8 weeks to make sure there's cardiac activity & everything but not at this point.
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        If you are far enough along to have symptoms, you are far enough along to test positive. FWIW, when I tested positive with an HPT my gyn didn't even bother with a follow-up test. According to her, home tests were accurate enough. And that was over 17 years ago ...