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    Not dialating on my own

    Scheduled for induction and wanna know the best and worst options to do so. Haven't been induced in 5yrs and my doctor says it's a bunch of new options(gel/pills/etc) but doing research I haven't heard a lot of good reviews and one of the pills used are abortion pills smh! Has anyone tried any of the new options,what was your experience and what do u recommend? Wth happened to just getting the Pitocin drop in the iv? This is so frustrating but idk if I can wait for a natural labor.


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    Inductions in general are tough. That’s why all people complain about pretty much all of the methods. As far as using Cytotec, which is used to cause bodies to expel the products of conception early in pregnancy for abortions and miscarriages, they’re both used for the same reasons. I used Cytotec for one of my miscarriages. While it’s good to do some of your own research and to educate yourself, your doctor is the one with the breadth of medical knowledge and the knowledge of your personal medical history so I would trust their recommendations.
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        : thank you
      • When are you due and when is the induction? In the meantime, you can try some of the natural methods to induce. None are guaranteed, though so I wouldn’t do anything I was really uncomfortable with. Two that might have the best chance are sex and nipple stimulation. You can also try walking. I don’t put much stock in how much you’re dilated. I was a 1 & 25% less than 24 hours before I had a baby while a friend of mine was at a 3-4 for weeks. I wouldn’t worry about that.
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        : I'm due 5/11 but my oldest daughters prom is the same day and I'm a single mom so I have to help w/dat but I don't drive and not having sex so all I do is walk and it doesn't work and hasn't for my last 2pregnancies which is why he schedules induction at 39wks
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    I know it's hard but Safest to wait until you go into labor on your own if possible. Due dates are really just "general" timeframe
      • : otherwise ask a midwife or doula. They may be more knowledgeable about best options for inducing
      • Probably safest to follow the recommendations of the medical professionals you’ve chosen to trust throughout your pregnancy. She hasn’t mentioned why her provider has set an induction date. Her personal medical history is kind of a critical detail.