• 7 months ago

    i think i might be pregnant

    MY cycle are pretty regular for the most part usually 28 days. This month my cycle is on day 37, my glow calendar said i should of gotting my period April 1. So i took a pregnacy test April 2 it was negative, i took one again April 8th it was negative also. Today makes it official a month since ive had my period s i guess its considered missed. I decided to wail till April 15th to see if t comes on or not by that time i should get a accurate result. ive been really tired lately, my breast are very sensitive to the touch and feeling like im going to vomit but never do also been having mild cramps which feel like menstral cramps so iam so confused... Any advice ladies?


  • 7 months ago

    RE: i think i might be pregnant

    If those symptoms were from pregnancy, you would have enough HCG in your system to get a positive test. Idk if you’re TTC or TTA but you can ovulate later than usual for a number of reasons. Breast tenderness is a common post-ovulation symptom and the rest could be related to stress. The typical rule is that if you go 60 days without a positive or a period, call your doctor.