• 9 days ago

    Blood during intercourse

    I experienced some blood during intercourse and I'm only 8 weeks pregnant, we stopped immediately but I kept bleeding until it stopped
    The blood was a bright red color and today this morning I got little brown spotting, what does that mean?
    I can't see my doctor until a few days from now so should I go to the emergency room if spotting doesn't stop?
    I don't feel any severe pain just tired


  • 7 days ago

    RE: Blood during intercourse

    Update: I went to the emergency room and got checked, the doctor said that it could be a cervix wound bc everything else looks normal, the baby's heart is great and the sac looks intact, so she just gave me pills to maintain pregnancy, I'm leaving this post bc if u have the same problem then don't worry and go get checked anyway!
  • RE: Blood during intercourse

    I would go to the hospital because it sounds like the same thing that happened to my best friend