• 8 days ago


    I called to make an appointment last week for this past Friday and the lady told me it was too early after asking me when my last period was which I answered January 23. She rescheduled me for this upcoming Friday. This is my first time being pregnant so I don't really know but a lot of people told me it shouldn't matter?


  • 7 days ago

    RE: Question?

    Most doctors make you wait until you are at least 8 weeks. The next available was probably this up coming Friday. Congrats!
  • 3 days ago

    RE: Question?

    My last period was at 11 January and at valentines I found out I'm pregnant using the home test and then at 16 I went to get my first sonogram, we couldn't even see anything on it lol it was too early but I took a hormones blood test and it showed I was pregnant, I advise u to go do one to make sure the hormone level is normal and then go see your doctor at 8 weeks to hopefully hear the heart beat like I did :)