• 11 days ago

    HCg levels

    I'm 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant this is my third with one only being successful. My lab results came back with 2,441 for hCg levels and I have to go get another test in two days. Is that usually normal? I've had a miscarriage before so it's my biggest fear having another one.


  • 11 days ago

    RE: HCg levels

    Congrats Stephanie. 2441 is excellent. My child's was 48.6 and the doctor told us it's too Low and won't lead to a successful pregnancy. My Wife was devastated. The doctor wasn't prepared for the fact things can turn positive. We kept our hope. True enough 2 days later the hcg levels became 200. And now my child has a heartbeat and is 2 months old.
    Keep the faith. The mum's energy and feelings will propagate onto the child.