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    5 wks pregnant and I get cramps when I workout. I have been lifting weights for the past year, so I'm not doing anything new. Is this normal?


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    Maybe you need to drink more water before lifting
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    Hi, I'm 5 weeks also and I have the same questions. Routinely, I have been doing 45-60min mod- high intensity class 3-4 times a week, plus a relatively active lifestyle and have for the past 1.5 years. I got abdo cramping the other day when doing squats so I paused then and continued after it subsided but slower and less intense and I felt ok. I'm dropping high intensity work down all round, but keeping weights at a static level. Keeping fluids up, and taking more care of my nutrition. I have a docs appt on Monday so hope to get some more clarity with what is 'normal'. I'll let you know what advice they have for me. I'd also be keen to hear other ladies experiences or thoughts on exercise! Want to keep active but not do any harm!
      • : I workout regularly. Usually a cross between weights/running and soccer. I have stopped soccer since I found out I was pregnant a week and a half ago, but have been attempting to continue working out otherwise. I've lacked motivation most days. What I have heard is it is fine to continue working at the intensity you were working out at before, but listen to your body. If it hurts. Stop. If it feels off or if your balance starts to feel off doing something. Stop. Don't do anything that may put you at risk of falling or injury to yourself.
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    Hey I'm around 6 weeks pregnant and spoke to my doctor around a week ago about exercise among other things and they said due to me having been working out for almost 1.5 years it was safe to continue.
    I've also spoke to my PT's about working out in pregnancy and they said not to do squats with a barbell across my shoulders or deadlifts and for the rest to reduce weights by around 50% as well as not lying flat on my back at all and any over head weights to do sitting down not standing up.
    I haven't had any cramping while continuing to workout. Hope this helps xx