• 11 months ago

    Stomach flu with twins!

    Has anyone had the stomach flu while pregnant, especially with twins? I'm concerned I'll get it considering both my daughters had it over the past couple of days. I'm pregnant with twins at 27 weeks. Not sure if it's a concern if I get it or if I should call the doctor.


  • 11 months ago

    RE: Stomach flu with twins!

    Your biggest concern is going to be hydration if you do get it. I'm assuming that they are vomiting a lot. If you can't keep anything down for 12 hours go to the hospital they can keep you hydrated witch is most important for you and your growing babies.
    I hope this helped, and good luck :)
  • RE: Stomach flu with twins!

    Just got over the horrible vomiting stomach bug with terrible belly pain. Once I started dry heaving, the contractions started. Went to the ER and ended up staying all day, 6 hours in the ER then upstairs for observation. Keep an eye on your belly. If you start contracting, go to the ER, NOT an urgent care. The hospital can monitor the babies & contractions, give you fluids, meds for nausea and meds to stop the contractions if you need them. Got 3.5 liters of fluid, 2 doses of Zofran, 1 of phenergan, 1 bag of Pepcid and fluids with potassium due to the dehydration. Horrible 24 hours but starting to feel better after 4 days now.