• 6 months ago

    Massive bleeding 11 weeks - still pregnant

    Wondering if this has happened to anyone else. Tuesday I rushed to the emergency room after having massive bleeding and a few blood clots. It was a giant rush of blood and soaked my pants / seat of the car (it looked like I had been stabbed) I called my Dr. and my boyfriend while I was on my way to the hospital and told both I was having a miscarriage. The bleeding stopped (it was just one giant giant gush, then nothing). I had no pain or cramping. Couple hours after I got to the ER they gave me an ultra sound and to my shock baby was fine! Cervix was closed and all looked normal. My DR. Wasn't positive what happened but said it could be the placenta attaching and mentioned the word subchorionic hematoma. 4 days later I'm still in awe that I'm still pregnant. The blood loss was insane. I'm high risk to begin with due to a weak cervix which is being stitched shut next week. I just want a better understanding of why this happened. It wasn't a twin pregnancy as I already had a scan and there was not enough clotting. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?