• 5 months ago

    Can you see a cleft lip in my ultrasound pic?

    Hi all,

    I have been obsessing over these pictures from 13 weeks as i feel like i can see a split in the top lip running up the nose in the first, in the second i can see a huge gap, and the third the lips look really pouty (but maybe too much?) Im worrying about cleft lip and possibly pallet. I know that these can be fixed, but worried about the prospect of surgery for my bub at such a young age.

    Can anyone else see what i'm seeing or im I losing the plot a bit ?

    I wasnt worried until i looked at these photos and i started trying to think about all the things i've been exposed to, and it's worrying me more because i used a cream with 1%hydrochortisone in it, and i only just remembered yesterday that I was also exposed to paint fumes at work (they painted inside of the room that i work in on the weekend, and i was probably inside for about 4 hours per day from the wednesday through to the friday).

    All opinions welcome, and if from a ultrasound tech, a doc, or nurse, that would be a bonus. Thanks ladies (and gents if there are any here).