• 7 months ago

    Could this cause a pregnancy?

    I fooled around with my boyfriend for the first time the other day. I gave a him a slight handjob, there was precum, but it was drying quick, so then I d bring my hand (same hand I used to stroke) to mouth and spit on it to lubricate him. Then, I gave him a little oral, idk if there was precum in my mouth or not. He didn t finish in my hand or mouth. He did it himself. Afterwards I got up and quickly washed my hands. We hung out a little more, like 15 minutes. Then I drove home, a 35 minute drive. I remember getting home, and masturbating. I'm just worried that there was sperm in the precum. I know I brushed my teeth when I got home, I m just not sure if it was before or after masturbating. I heard that sperm dies once it s dried and cannot be restored. And I heard that saliva lessens the chance of sperm surviving or something. I know this is a far fetched idea, but this was my first time ever doing anything with a guy so I m just pretty freaked out. If I may or may not have used spit from my mouth to lubricate myself at home (I m not sure, even if it was before or after brushing my teeth), is there any chance that I could become/am pregnant? This all happened the day I was ovulating. But around 2 am, so technically the day afterwards