• RE: Concerned??

    Some spotting is normal. Any cramping? No cramping and not red is a good sign. I would go on pelvic rest for now--no sex, no masturbation--and wait and see. When is your first appointment? The thing is that there's basically nothing they can do at this point. All you can do is take it easy and wait and see. So there's no point in going to the ER or anything. It'll just cost a fortune and the outcome will be the same. Hang in there.
  • 6 days ago

    RE: Concerned??

    I had my first appointment last Tuesday and first scan on Friday ... no spotting this morning so I feel a little better. And reading your post helped to . Thank you
  • 5 days ago

    RE: Concerned??

    I wouldn't worry. It's probably implantation bleeding which is extremely common.
      • 4 days ago
        : Implantation bleeding happens at implantation. She's 7 weeks. Implantation happened weeks ago. Some amount of spotting is still normal and can happen for a number of reasons but to call it implantation at this point would be incorrect.