• 2 months ago

    What is going on with me? It's driving me crazy!

    So, all the math has got add up right? I have every symptom you can think of as of early pregnancy (possible 3-4weeks) I have taken 2 tests that say positive and a couple had said negative. I'm 4 days late, I'm normally around 30 days in my cycle but I am kind of irregular. I'm thinking it could as well possible been false positives and I may start my period soon, and then I also feel like I could possibly be too early to tell. I have tender breasts, low back and neck pains, frequent urination, slight cravings, some nausea, moody, leg cramps, elevated temp...you name it.. for being 4 days late...I'm almost convinced I have to be pregnant. But don't wanna get my hopes up either...