• 2 months ago

    Did I get her pregnant? Is there a chance?

    Okay, so I tend to get really nervous when it comes to having sex so I usually try to avoid it. Anyway, I was with this girl and she was giving me a hand job. There was pre-cum on my penis, and it was on her hands. Minutes later, I'm not sure how much longer later, we were doing something else and she moved her hand down on her panties (same hand she used on me) and touched herself (didn't go under panties, it was only over). I immediately told her to stop because I was worried it would seep through. Her hands weren't sopping wet or anything, they looked dry. (Also, I am pretty sure I peed before me and her did anything last night). I have been worried sick about it ever since, that's just the person I am. I get really nervous. I am probably overreacting but I just need assurance. Please help!