• 2 months ago

    Nuchal Fold Doubt

    Hi all,

    I'm more than 9 weeks pregnant today. Last week, when I was 8 weeks 5 days, I went for a routine ultrasound to check the heartbeat.

    My CRL measured 2.14 cm - corresponding to 8 weeks 5 days gestation (Although LMP was 07/02/2020, corresponding to 10 weeks 6 days, but I have PCOS so very frequently have delayed periods)

    The ultrasound doctor noticed a heartbeat, but also detected a thick septated nuchal fold measuring 3mm in thickness.

    My doctor has now asked for another ultrasound in another week or so.

    I'm really scared and upset ever since I had the ultrasound, not sure if this will be reversed in the subsequent tests.

    What is the likelihood that this will be ok in the subsequent ultrasound? Is 3mm very high at 8 weeks/5 days? Could this be an inaccurate reading?

    Should I wait for at least 11 weeks to get the nuchal fold tested?