• 3 months ago

    Infertility with One Ovary?

    I had an ovary removed when I was still a child due to a benign tumor that was constricting blood flow and causing extreme pain. I was very young, but continued to see a gynecologist for the years to come ensuring appropriate sexual development.
    I had multiple procedures when I was 10/11 to inhibit the coming of my period (delayed it by two years) and I got it again when I was 13.
    Since that period, it has been consistent and I never missed a single month & it did not change the timing it came in (which is unusual for a first period).

    Since then, I have had some cysts on my remaining ovary but nothing serious. I am now considering the reality of my fertility. As I understand, having one ovary could lead to earlier menopause, but no affect on fertility when I am still having my period.
    However, I worry that I may reach menopause by late 20s.
    Is that bound to happen or will it be closer to the usual age of infertility (35-40)?

    Please give me some medical advice on this matter.