• 27 days ago

    C section vs. vaginal delivery

    I just gave birth to my first child a week ago via c section. The c section was medically necessary. I was never in labor so I didn’t experience any contractions or anything related to labor.
    Well my experience with the c section and epidural were not pleasant. I vomited in the OR and experienced a lot of nausea post surgery along with some other minor complications. The baby and I are both fine.
    My husband and I plan on having one more child. I told my husband if I can avoid the epidural for the next kid I’m going to. According to the nurses I seemed to have bounced back a lot faster than most patients. I’ve had some family members tell me that I had the easy way out with the c section and if I had delivered vaginally I’d be much worse off. Well everyone giving me this advice has only experienced one or the other, not both.
    Anyone here experience both a vaginal delivery and a c section? Which was worse and in what way? If you could choose which one would you do next time?