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    So I have been getting light positive pregnancy tests for about a month. I did have some bleeding around when my period was due. First day was spotting and two days of light bleeding Then a other day of spotting. My normal period is 5 to 6 days. Went and got blood work at urgent care two weeks ago came negative. But I still get light positives on tests.
    Symptoms are
    -oily skin
    -off taste in mouth
    -No food taste good
    -always tired
    My doctor is out of town for two more weeks and I’m going crazy


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    RE: Confused

    Any positive, however faint, is a positive providing it occurs within the time frame stated on the pregnancy test pack.
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    Are these tests all the same brand? Blue dye or pink dye? What was the HCG value on the blood test? Is there anyone else in your doctor's practice who can get you in?