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  • 17 minutes ago

    Chinese calendar/baby sex predictions

    Have any of you ladies (especially those who know the sex of your baby) used the Chinese calendar? Was it accurate for you!? I hope mines it's, it uses my age, plus the month I conceived and I'm set to have a girl!!! Then another one used my due date and age-set for a girl!!! Go try it out and let me know!!!!
  • 31 minutes ago

    Could I be ovulating?

    Hi, I am 50 years old and post menopausal. My last period was about one year ago. Just a few days ago, I had some bleeding, a migraine, and tender enlarged breasts. Could this be a fluke or can I possibly be ovulating?
  • 33 minutes ago


    Me & my boyfriend have been going thru a lot. I am 18 weeks pregnant. The reason for our arguments are not anything about the baby but the fact he's been untrustworthy. Everyday I go to work 6am-12pm & come home to get right under covers. I catch myself crying like every hour. I've heard plenty of stories of postpartum before the baby. I don't want to make it into a big deal because it could be hormones or should I tell the doctor?
  • 1 hour ago

    Doctors visit

    I went to the doctor on the 17th and wat was suppose to be a 3D ultrasound :/ when she checked my Cervix I was measuring at a 2.8 :/ :/ she said I wAs supposed to be at a 3 or 4... So she scheduled me a follow up in a week to re check my cervix! Not to mention my son is HEAD DOWN ALREADY, I'm only 21 weeks.... I'm SO NERVOUS AND SCARED!!!!!! He's only 1 pound :/ :/ have anyone else been threw this???? Also, I have to go back in 4 weeks because they couldn't get a front view of his....
  • 2 hours ago

    Baby bump

    Okay I know everyone is different.. but I feel like I should have more of a bump! I'm 16 weeks with twins. When I started this pregnancy I was 177lbs (I'm also 5'3) 16 weeks later I am 160lbs. So I've lost a decent amount. I barely have a little bump & I have a bad habit of going to Pinterest or social media to compare myself to other pregnant moms. This is my second pregnancy. Is it normal for me to not have a "rounded" bump yet?
  • 5 hours ago

    Back pain problems

    Hi! Is here anyone who has problems with a back before pregnancy? I have disc protrusion and worry a lot as I have pain time to time. Going to physiotherapist but not sure helps for a long time. Can anyone with the same problem recommend anything? Thanks a lot!
  • 10 hours ago

    NT Results worried

    I am 34 years old with Mo-Di twins 13 weeks +3 (shared placenta, separate sacs, identical twins) my NT showed results of 1.8 (baby b) and 2.5 (baby a). Due to my age the chances of DS significantly changed and I'm at a higher risk with a ratio of 1:155. I just did a harmony test today, now just playing the waiting game. Anyone in the same boat or has been in the same boat and can provide any feedback ?
  • 11 hours ago


    I'm super nauseous for pretty much the entire day , for any little thing example : going to the supermarket and seeing uncooked meat is my #1 cause . I don't usually throw up just a few times . When does this normally go Away? I'm 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant
  • 11 hours ago


    My twins share a placenta and I'm terrified each time I go to the doctor. I'm scared they're going to tell me something has gone wrong.. my last appointment I was 12wks and baby B was measuring 4 days ahead of baby A BUT baby A was right on the dot of where he/she should be. Maybe one is just bigger, which is okay. I'm just so scare that was the start of TTTS. My next ultrasound is Monday and I'm so excited but so scared.. will that fear ever go away?? I still have 5 months to....
  • 11 hours ago


    How many weeks were u when u started to feel your baby move?