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  • 8 minutes ago

    Implantation Bleeding?

    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he came on me sex on January 11th, which was about 8 days ago. This morning I felt nauseous and there was light spotting whenever I would wipe. It only lasted a few hours. Could this be implantation Bleeding?
  • 3 hours ago

    First Time Momma

    Hi everyone! Just found this cool feature. I'm a young, first time momma and we're having twins! We've read that twins like to sleep in the same crib and i wanted some opinions. Also debating on co-sleeping but getting two bassinets for next to our bed at night and use the crib for naps! any recommendations would be lovely, for more than just sleeping too! need help with these twinies :)
  • 4 hours ago

    New mommy

    Is 20 weeks 5 months pregnant or 4 1/2 ? How can I calculate how many months I am if I'm pregnant for " 10 months "
  • 4 hours ago

    Resources for dad

    Are there any apps for samsung or books that are geared specifically towards young first time fathers? Trying to find something for the father of my kid.
  • 5 hours ago


    I'm having light cramps and diarrhea ( so embarrassing) but is this normal and btw I'm 14 wks and 2 days
  • Light cramping and acne

    I am currently 14 weeks and so far I've been feeling fine. I have had acne before I became pregnant but it cleared up and have been clear until now. I have been having light cramping and a few bumps appeared on my face. Has anyone else experienced the same?
  • 6 hours ago


    I have a question I had the fishy clips put on back in 2014. Since then my periods have been heavy at times or real light I have been having mood swings irritable trouble sleeping irregular periods. My question is I had 2 periods last month both were light my husband and I had sex before he left back out on the road. My Question I started my period on the 13th it lasted only 3 days it was a light pinkish red and went brown I have been nauseous eating a lot and really tired my boobs are tender to....
  • 8 hours ago


    at how many weeks | months did your stomach start rounding or atleast looking pregnant ?
  • Could I be pregnant?

    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on January 11th and he came inside of me. Two days later I had my period, is it still possible for me to be pregnant?
  • 8 hours ago

    Scary night! 6.5 weeks

    On Tuesday late afternoon I started bleeding a ton. Bright red blood. And then big clots. I went through 6 overnight pads in 5 hours. I assumed I miscarried and my dr got me in the next day. there was still an embryo! I can't tell you how shocked I was. He said it possible there was a twin I miscarried. How bizarre of a situation. Has anyone heard of anything like this before? Was the other embryo healthy? It seems counterintuitive to have bled that much and still be pregnant