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  • a few seconds ago

    Positive test

    I'm two days before my Period but I've had 5 positive tests in the last three days...
  • 7 hours ago

    Venting About Pain/Discomfort

    I'm 34 weeks pregnant and it feels like my right leg is going to fall off! I just saw my doctor today, everything's normal and it won't be too much longer now, but it sucks with my leg being like this. I'm supposed to walk about a mile every day or do at least 30 minutes of exercise, but I'm walking with a limp now. Anyone else have any really annoying pains they want to share?
  • 8 hours ago

    Not sure if I'm pregnant

    It's been almost six weeks since my last period. I tried the homemade test yesterday morning where you mix your urine with bleach. It bubbled up then fizzled into what looks like beer. This was suppose to be a positive result. I went to go buy a pregnancy test and tried it in the afternoon and it came out negative. I don't want to go to the doctor yet but I'm not sure whether I shouldn't believe that the negative result is true or do another test just to make sure.
  • 8 hours ago


    Hi Crystal and I just want to know something my last appointment was May 18 2018 and the doctor said I was 7week5days but I'm thinking I'm 8weeks6days But on this app it say I'm 10 weeks 0 days so was the real truth i'm confused..
  • 13 hours ago

    First pregnancy

    I'm 8 weeks pregnant and does weeks go by calendar weeks?
  • 15 hours ago

    Sudden Rash.

    Is there any other possible reason(s) for a newborn to have some facial rash other than, nursing mother ate something not right for he baby?
  • 16 hours ago

    The sad thing about pregnancy

    I found out today that I am having an ectopic pregnancy if I can be completely honest....this sh@! hurts like a mofo. I'm sad but I would rather be here with my life and the possibility of a healthy and happy pregnancy later than nothing at all.
  • 16 hours ago

    Almost Time..!

    I have 9 Weeks Left I'm so happy Ready To Meet My baby boy ...!! <3<3<3:):)
  • 17 hours ago

    Spotting for 11 days

    Hi so I started spotting 6 days before I was suppose to start my period it's started out like really light pink discharge and then after 2 days it's became heavier and brown and even got red at one point but only for one a day off and on. And then ever since then it's just been light spotting on and off. On the day I bled the most it was still 4 days before I was suppose to start . My period has been really regular I did stop birth control 3 months ago but my period had already became....
  • 1 day ago


    I am just curious is it normal to lose a lb at 28 wks when 2 wks ago I was 207 n this pass week May 21st 2018 I now weight 206