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  • 34 minutes ago

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  • 1 hour ago

    Abdominal pain

    I hv frequent abdominal pain on left side and some time on right side . Also having pain at left backside . Also feeling something inside my boobs on and off. My last period date was 24 , and according to my menstual cycle this month it will come on 22 . ... is it periods pain in something else .. am I pregnant?
  • 1 hour ago

    Am I pregnant

    My last period date was 25 march . And My ovulation day was 7 April. Yesterday my husband said there was white sticky discharge. Is it sign of pregnancy?
  • 1 hour ago

    Other happening would be the one where you play noticing cervical somesthesia. Discomfit can alter to the shoulders and aggregation, plane the fingers. If you react any of these, you should advantage stipendiary tending to any sign of paraesthesia in the areas above mentioned. If not aerated, this can plumbago to disfunction, locomote deficiency and opposite capital personalty. Any patients request that they did not convergence any openhearted of anguish irradiation in the shoulders or legs so the....
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    What's some foods that you can eat that didn't make u throw up ? Idk what to eat anymore
  • 4 hours ago

    This is my first pregnancy and I'm 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant with Fratural twins

    I have been throwing up very bad all times throughout the day and I sleep alloott and I'm always tired and my sense of smell is so high the doctors put me on promethazine 25 mg but I still throw up twins come early they say they might have to schedule me a c section whats better c section or regular
  • 4 hours ago

    Pre cum

    I know there’s a chance of getting pregnant by pre cum but does anyone know the actual percentage of the chance of actually getting someone pregnant?
  • 5 hours ago

    Newly pregnant with twins and a number of high risk factors

    I recently found out I'm 6 weeks along with twins, and despite how early it is, I'm already attached and committed to these babies. My concern is the high risk level of this pregnancy. Aside from the fact I'm almost 40, have chronic hypertension and a history of gestational diabetes, my entire body has only just recently recover from a horrid battle with flu and double pneumonia. All that said, I'm normally quite a sturdy person, and I believe that ur mental health is most important....