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  • 32 minutes ago

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    It will also help to fortifies

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  • 4 hours ago


    So my fiancé hides his phone and I'm not talking about where he turns it face down on a table or something like that for example I am 21 weeks pregnant and we only have one bathroom he was talking a shower i had to pee really bad and so I opened the door he immediately jumped and ran into the shower with his phone ... so the shower was running with him not in it and then when I opened the door he took his none water proof phone and took it into the shower ... I asked him what he was doing and....
  • 6 hours ago

    single umbilical artery

    So we found out we have a single umbilical artery . We have done research and frankly it's Terrifying. The doctor was pretty nonchalant about it , and didn't make it seem as serious as it could be . We are transferring doctors and have an ultra sound sched for 12/5 .I am a first time mom and just want the best for our baby . Can anyone give me advice ? What should we ask at the next appt ? Anyone else have this condition ? Stories about it ? She is super active at 23 weeks , I am just so....
  • 8 hours ago

    Lacking Cervical mucus

    I have hardly any cervical mucus. And if i have any, it's non- fertile ( White sorta thick lotion-like) What can I do to improve this? Evening primrose oil? Doctor? Off the pill for 8 months in dec.
  • 9 hours ago

    Random pains

    I'm 35 weeks pregnant with twins and been having random sore places. Don't know if it's a nerve thing but it get worse everyday.
  • 10 hours ago

    Prenatal vitamins

    When is the best time to take my prenatal vitamins? Morning or night? Is better to eat with them? I've never taken them before and I just found out I'm 7 weeks pregnant
  • 13 hours ago

    No morning sickness

    Hello! I'm 5 weeks pregnant and have no morning sickness or nausea. Is this normal? When did you start to experience morning sickness? Thank you in advance !
  • 13 hours ago

    10 weeks pregnant with twins and bleeding

    I'm spotting red not sure why and I don't know if is normal ,
  • 14 hours ago

    I am squirting milk like liquid from both breasts

    I have done so much research on this and can’t seem to find an answer I wish going to the doctor or hospital was an easy fix but I do not have insurance! I am currently on zero medications the only medications I’ve taken were like cough syrup for colds or Advil for headaches I don’t smoke anything never have and never drank as well. I do not play with my nipples at all neither has anyone else I just decided to squeeze them one night and lots of liquid appeared and one nipple squirts a lot!! But for....