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  • 8 hours ago

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  • 11 hours ago

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  • 15 hours ago

    Trying to get pregnant after Depo

    I keep reading multiple different pose saying that if you want to get pregnant after Depo you have to wait 9 months I read something that says it can happen right away so I was wondering if there is anyone who was on depo and knows anything about getting pregnant afterwards
  • 2 days ago

    morning sickness

    I'm a first time mom to be, and a full time teacher. Morning sickness isn't really an option when you have a class of 24 eager and energetic little minds to occupy! no to morning sickness" tea works well as something to have on hand when the nausea starts to rear its ugly head. It doesn't make the symptoms of morning sickness completely disappear, but it does help! I brew a big batch every morning as I like mine cold. It tastes great, and its awesome that there is no caffeine in....
  • 5 days ago


    I'm feeling a bit alone ,I'm 24 , and I'm 20 weeks along & most of my friends are out partying and doing their own thing and don't seem to take much interest in me anymore, and when they do I feel like they get annoyed when I talk about baby stuff . This is my 1st baby , so I am pretty excited and it's really the only thing that is going on in my life these days so I don't have much else to talk about . I'm feeling lonely, wishing I had some other mom friends or pregnant....
  • Recovery stage

    Hey, i'm about 3 weeks since i gave birth. I would like to have some tips for this hard and tired recovery stage (fourth trimester). Thank you all so much for your attetion.
  • 7 days ago

    Drank Caster oil alot of caster oil

    So I just found out I was pregnant and was not happy. I drank alot of caster oil (6-7 ounces) to only be miserable for a whole day and clean out my colon and horrible cramps but I didnt abort. What should I be worried about . What could I have done to me fetus . Im currently 7 weeks along.
  • 8 days ago

    Third Trimester Travel Plans

    I am a first time mom, 33 weeks and my husband and I are planning to take a 7.5 hour trip home for labor day at 35.5 weeks. Has anyone done this and can tell me what I might expect? Currently I am working without limitations. Starting to feel heavier and started using a seatbelt loop to keep the belt off the pubic bone. I know to take frequent stretch breaks and tip feet up whenever possible. Any other thoughts on what to bring with us and advice for how to make the journey safer?
  • 10 days ago

    When to start buying stuff

    First time mom! 13 weeks. When did you all start buying things?
  • 11 days ago

    Travelling in the 12 week,is it safe?

    We are planning a small trip in our 12th week,will that be safe,what precautions shld be taken specially when in flights? Plez help,thanks