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  • 12 minutes ago

    Como funciona o Velofel dentro do seu corpo?

    Velofel is uncommonly plan for your body to build the age of testosterone. This expanding hormone equation will cause you to have long evenings in bed with your adored one. Every one of the fixings utilized in this item are of high restorative and home grown worth and are totally free from any dangerous and cancer-causing material. The fundamental objective is to diminish your pressure and tension and guarantee an expansion in ATP generation. This will make your penis increasingly dynamic and more....
  • 1 day ago

    Any mothers vape CBD Oil while pregnant?

    No judgement please, if this post will trigger you please don't answer at all. I used to vape 3mg nicotine but quit cold turkey once I found out I was pregnant. I refuse to do that but since my stress has been so high lately I've wondered if CBD was okay to vape? No nicotine or THC included.
  • 1 day ago

    keto complex is an exogenous equation with a portion of the working fixings. You may have attempted many weight reduction supplements, however simply the best weight reduction recipe gives shocking outcomes. This is a period of innovative work. We are observer to many weight reduction items every day. A large portion of the items don't give the ideal weight reduction results. You ought not lose heart on the grounds that few out of every odd item is useless. A portion of the clinically endorsed....
  • 2 days ago

    Is Healthygen Ketopower Boost Help Burn Our Fat?

    You can open noteworthy fat expend! You ought to just endeavor Healthygen KetoPower Boost Pills. Since this formula is planned to trigger ketosis regularly. Additionally, during ketosis, your body devours fat for imperativeness. Along these lines, it stops devouring carbs and starts getting you real weight decrease results. What are people loving about this formula? Everything considered, other than the way that it can empower them to devour fat, it moreover gives them a lot of imperativeness. Believe....
  • 2 days ago

    Should I Take a Plan B Pill?

    It’s been a day since I had the incident. We were in doggy and he pulled out of me, ejaculating on my butthole. I was afraid it would leak to my vulva, so I quickly flipped over and wiped away the semen. I’m not sure if I felt the semen on my vulva or not, but I did accidentally make the mistake of repeating the wipe with the same cloth. After that, I wiped the area with different baby wipes many times. I’m assuming I’m still in my infertile window since my cervix is low and firm, and my cervical....
  • Am I pregnant or worrying about nothing?

    I had sex and I am pretty sure the condom did not break but I have been feeling really nauseous every day since. This was not my first time having sex but it is the first time I keep having strange symptoms. I have nausea throughout the day, bad headaches, chest pain, back pain... Please help.
  • 5 days ago

    How likely is it?

    My boyfriend came on my *** and I flipped over before it could leak anywhere near my entrance, though it could’ve, I’m not sure. Anyways, when that happened, I quickly cleaned up the area using baby wipes and hand sanitizer. Should I be worried or?
  • 5 days ago


    Hi, I'm 4w4d pregnant for the first time and had sex with my husband plenty of times in the last seven months since we got married. But last night for the first time I actually saw his penis erect and it was huge, really long and big and it just scared me that all that needs to fit in to my vagina and I'm just afraid to have sex now. It has always been hurting me to have intercourse. I am very sensitive and it hurts every time he goes in, and while he ejaculates. Not that I saw the size of....
  • 7 days ago


    I am 24 weeks pregnant, can I take HBP Coricidin cold & flu medicine?
  • 12 days ago

    Positive tests??

    These things are so confusing. I started having some symptoms so I took a couple tests. The 1st one had a dark blue streak but its very thin. So I thought its probably a negative or maybe the strip is defective. I retested 3 days later to be sure and got back a faint but still blue line the same width as the control line. The picture quality suffered when being uploaded so hard to see but it is faintly blue. I'm reading around that a faint positive is still a positive. But the 2nd test is fainter....