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  • 24 minutes ago

    Help with name

    What girl name would you recommend to go with Jacob/Jake?? Cannot figure it out!!!
  • 34 minutes ago


    Is anyone having twins.?? I didn't know I was until today. And I'm over the moon
  • 2 hours ago

    Anyone else had antibiotics during pregnancy???

    A couple of weeks ago i had a bump on my leg, looking like a normal boil. But didnt went away till yesterday i went to my doc because i had pain and the redness was spreading. Doc gave me antibiotics and recommended for probiotics too. I have had 3 still births before this pregnancy so a bit scared. Anyone else had antibiotics for any reason during her pregnancy?? Did u take it with probiotics? Was it safe?? BTW im 27 weeks along
  • 3 hours ago

    Stress caused late period/could I be pregnant

    So, 6 days ago (day 23 of my cycle) my boyfriend and I had sex. But only for a few seconds, 20 seconds max. But we stopped because I was scared and I’m just not ready honestly. He had a condom on, the condom didn’t rip. He put it on the right way the first time. And with only being 20 seconds in he didn’t finish. When he took the condom off I checked for holes or tears and I didn’t see anything I just noticed a little bit of precum which I know is normal. But it’s now day 28-29 of my cycle and I....
  • 3 hours ago


    Did any mommies go through nesting? How long after your nesting stage; was baby born?
  • 5 hours ago

    Genetic Counselor for Choroid Plexus cysts

    Yesterday at the twins 18 week ultrasound they found multiple choroid plexus cysts. I never had the genetic testing so they did blood work yesterday and said it would take 7-10 days however they set me up to meet with a genetic counselor Tuesday. So I called and asked why I was seeing a counselor before my blood test results come back and she said because they like to get me out of the first appointment that they can but that if I wanted to wait for my bloodwork to come back and then go meet with....
  • 7 hours ago


    9 weeks preggo everyone It's like I'm hungry but have absolutely no appetite =[ Heeeellllllpppp Is it safe to drink ensure?
  • 7 hours ago


    I had sex all my cycle and especially in ovulation day, now I’m feeling sick, I almost vomited yesterday morning, I’m getting cramps and my back are in pain. I am 5DPO today!
  • Blood pressure high in week 5

    Diagnosed with hypertension years ago but not always taking medication like I should. Modified my diet but don't always deal well with stress. Now in week 5 of pregnancy and due to my age (40) and hypertension it's high-risk. Doc today put me on 200mg 2x of Labetelol and I'm committed to doing everything I can do minimize stress and lower my bp to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. I've waited so long to become a mom again that I'm a nervous wreck. Anybody else dealing....
  • 8 hours ago

    Name help!

    What name do you prefer?? Asher James Emmett James Emmett Asher Thank you!