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  • 7 days ago

    Dog is having very soft stools, losing weight and needs to poop shortly after eating

    Species: Dog Age: 2.5 years old Sex/Neuter Status: Female, spayed Breed: Gerberian Shepsky Body weight: 41 lbs History: No prior health issues Clinical signs: Soft stools/diarrhea. Less active now compared to before problem started. Duration: ~5 weeks My dog has been acting up for a while now. She’s been eating the same food for a long time and now all of a sudden, as soon as she’s done eating her food she has to go out and poop. The consistency is very soft and sometimes it’s liquid. I put her on....
  • Underweight German Shepherd Dog Puppy

    I brought my purebred GSD home at 8 weeks and he weighed 6 pounds. I've had him for a week now and he hasn't gained any weight. He checked out otherwise healthy with our vet. Will he be normal size/weight? How can I get him on track to growing? How did this happen ("normal weight" would be around 16 pounds).
  • 2 months ago

    Elderly cat constantly overgrooms this particular spot

    Good morning, Our elderly cat, Lucy has developed a habit of picking at a particular spot on her spine near her back until it’s bare. She’s currently 15 years and a half. We rescued her roughly a year ago from a cat shelter in a very bad condition. She was incredibly stressed at the shelter and therefore, was dirty and pulling her fur out to the point that she was half-bald when we got her (hence we don’t know when this problem really began). However, after our care, she has calmed down and settled....
  • 3 months ago


    My roommate has a 7yr old Longhair Persian and according to her vet he is in remarkably good health. The vet attibutes this not to his expertise but to the fact that we bought him a water fountain. It seems that cats will drink a lot more water and thereby flush the toxins from their systems if thay have a source of running or moving water. I suggest if you love your cat get him or her a water fountain for their health
  • Dogs and pulled muscles

    So I took my dog for a walk this morning and I was trying to pull her into different direction and she wouldn’t come with me. I think I might’ve pulled too hard or something (I’m very gentle with my dog) she’s in pain now her left torso side and leg hurts when I gentle touch it she cries. I know she’s in pain. I’ve been rubbing her with muscle relief gel and gave her aspirin. I wonder if she needs a vet. My dog is 10 years old too.
  • 3 months ago

    Mother in Law's Husky has Glaucoma

    Over the weekend we had our Daisy come to my girlfriends house and they have a Husky. They like to run around together and they are like partners in crime always getting into trouble. On Tuesday the husky started to no eat, drink, or stand. They took him to the vet because he wouldn't open his left eye. Long story short they are suggesting to remove his eye via surgery. What I know is that marijuana can help humans with this disease but about dogs? We have used oils for our dog and she uses it....
  • 3 months ago

    Kitty has lost a lot of weight

    Our kitty has lost over 4 lbs in as many months...she is vomiting, urinaring excessivly, (mostly outside her litter box) only will eat wet food. She has become unusually vocal and has never been cuddly but now always sits with us. We are taking her to the vet but cannot afford the over $1000 dollars for the tests. I’m not a bad pet parent, we have 6 amazing animals in our house, but just don’t know what the right thing to do is. We are bracing for bad news.
  • 3 months ago

    Sick dog

    I have a poodle who has been throwing up at times and sleeping more than normal. I have given him Pedialyte in with his water today. He seems to be doing better. Did not seem to throw up today. What should I be paying attention to? I'm wondering if he got into something as I recently moved his chain to a different location in the yard.
  • 3 months ago

    Lonely dog

    My dog Two Sox lost his lifetime pal (about 10 yrs) and he is howling all the time. My husband takes him for walks every day and plays with him all the time. He’s our outdoor dog and we have an indoor dog. He’s just not trained for inside. What can we do to cheer him up??????
  • 4 months ago

    9 yr Terrier/Chihuahua has developed seizures

    my 9 year old rescue has suddenly developed mild seizures (2 in last 2 months) not lasting more than a minute and half to 2 minutes, with no lost urine of bowel. I've taken him to the vet and she said that more than likely he has a brain tumor! to say the least, I am devastated. the vet said to be 100% sure we can do a mri or ct scan but I cannot afford either. she suggested we put him on phenobarbital. I said I preferred to wait to see if it happens again. I am not sure I want to believe it's....