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  • 8 days ago

    pets and knee surgery

    Im about to have a knee replacement and i have a needy puppy and a 100 lb. needy lab. How can i keep them away from bumping me or tripping me without locking them away from me or vice versa. my shitzu puppy loves to sleep with me and loves to jump up on me. my 100 lb. lab doesnt know her strength when she runs straight into my legs. Help someone?
  • 9 days ago

    Kitten hurt

    I found a kitten in my yard. I can't afford a vet. He was bleeding, eyes distorted, gasping for breath. I brought him inside, cleaned the wound on his face. I brought food and milk. He was barely moving and eating. He began to move 2 days later, eating OK, & moving good. But his eyes are swollen shut & crusty. What can I do to help him at my house?
  • 10 days ago

    House training Chihuahua with chronic bladder stones

    I have a 5 year old Chihuahua with chronic bladder stones. He's a puppy mill dog and has had them since six months. There isn't much we can due to prevent them other than diet which we do. Because of this he frequently feels the need to pee (I'm not sure he can really tell when he needs to). We keep a potty pad down for when we aren't home and he uses that okay, but we'd like to get rid of it due to issues with our other chi. Any ideas how long the one with stones can be kenneled....
  • 12 days ago

    Gf and I wanna get a new pet, any suggestions?

    She absolutely adores dogs, but I’m more of a cat person myself. In an effort to compromise, I suggested we should get a different type of pet instead. I was thinking of getting a bearded dragon or maybe even an exotic breed of fish. Any suggestions for alternative pets that are fairly easy to take care of and doesn’t require much space? We’re living in a tiny apartment in the city and want something that can live contentedly in a small enclosure. Plus we're going on a Ukraine ski trip soon and....
  • 14 days ago

    aggressive Shih Tzu

    I have a 22 month ole Shih Tzu and he growls at everyone that comes to the door even if he knows them. He also has bitten me several times to the point of drawing blood. He is normally very sweet but there are times he just goes tasmanian devil on me. Extremely aggressive and attacking. This has only happened to me and it happens when I am trying to make him do something he does not want to do. If I get a growl it is not long enough to do anything about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....
  • 15 days ago

    Cat Food Change Question

    Hello. I have two 17 year old cats, a male and a female. My male cat (Pilate) was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. He also has the beginning stages of renal disease and a sore tooth. The vet said that normally they’d pull the tooth but because of all of the other factors they don’t think it’s wise to sedate him. So I’ve switched him to wet food from the dry food he’s eaten his entire life (Iams, most recently the Mature Cat variety). The thing is I’ve always just left the dry food out for....
  • 16 days ago

    Tapering prednisone for dogs

    My dog was on 60mg of prednisone(intestinal inflammation) for 3 days, 30 mg for one day. She is drinking and urinating excessively. Would like to wean her, so she can take metronidazole of 500 mg twice daily for 14 days instead. How quickly can she be weaned off of steroid, if she only took it for 4 days?
  • 17 days ago

    Severe Storm Phobia

    I have a 9 year old GSD who is petrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. I have tried everything - created a safe space, used Rescue Remedy, calming chews, tranquilizers, and now I have to sedate him. I Hate to do it but he gets so distressed I am afraid he is going to hurt himself and I am afraid to leave him alone. Does anyone have any other ideas? I'm desperate.
  • 18 days ago

    Scared bully

    I have 11 month 65 pound scared bully he follows me everywhere and scared I'm gonna leave him..he very smart and spoiled..hpw do I help the nervousness..
  • 19 days ago

    Sounds like your dog my be bored and is craving attention.

    Very intelligent breeds need something to occupy the gray matter. I would venture a guess that your little buddy is alone most of the day while you are away working. Get him some doggie toys to help him pass the time while you are away. Also, try getting him a stool that would be placed by a window so he could watch the birds, the neighbors, other dogs and anything out of the norm that ventured onto his property. If this doesn’t work, talk to your Vet about giving him medication when he is left alone....