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  • 1 month ago

    My Chihuahua chews furniture when I leave

    I rescued Coco 3 years ago. He's never been destructive until lately. When I leave, I come home to find foam rubber all over the floor and a big hole in my dinning room chair!! My Vet suggested giving him a small amount of Child Benedryl but I don't like the idea of drugging him. Is there a NON-CHEMICAL way of calming him when I leave? Is there something I'm doing wrong, or not doing, that makes him so anxious? I'm on a fixed income. HELP PLEASE!
  • 1 month ago

    Elderly cat constantly overgrooms this particular spot

    Good morning, Our elderly cat, Lucy has developed a habit of picking at a particular spot on her spine near her back until it’s bare. She’s currently 15 years and a half. We rescued her roughly a year ago from a cat shelter in a very bad condition. She was incredibly stressed at the shelter and therefore, was dirty and pulling her fur out to the point that she was half-bald when we got her (hence we don’t know when this problem really began). However, after our care, she has calmed down and settled....
  • 1 month ago

    older male Boxer and sudden hearing loss.

    My Boxer, had and ear infection about 2 months ago. It was determined to be a yeast, and numerous by count bacterial infection. He was prescriber antibiotic drop to use for 2-3 week twice daily. My husband noticed he not responding to normal interactions, or seaming to not hear, certain noises. The door bell could ring, and that normally sends him barking to the door and now he will just lay unaffected on the couch. I am concerned that this may be permanent, and want to know if there is anything....
  • 2 months ago

    Cats gone crazy

    I have 3 cat. They are all healthy, and have lived together for four years. Recently one has been picking on the other one. The fights seem bad, and it's so bad that the one being picked on can't come out from under the bed of off the bed only when I'm home. I give them equal time and attention. This just started. I'm afraid one will get hurt.
  • 2 months ago

    Kitten ate the wrong thing

    My new 4 week old foster kitten ate a piece of crinkly ball before I could get it away from him. Does anyone know if these things are at all digestible? I'm worried that it might block his intestines or cause other health issues.
  • 2 months ago

    Cat Food Change Question

    Hello. I have two 17 year old cats, a male and a female. My male cat (Pilate) was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. He also has the beginning stages of renal disease and a sore tooth. The vet said that normally they’d pull the tooth but because of all of the other factors they don’t think it’s wise to sedate him. So I’ve switched him to wet food from the dry food he’s eaten his entire life (Iams, most recently the Mature Cat variety). The thing is I’ve always just left the dry food out for....
  • 2 months ago


    My roommate has a 7yr old Longhair Persian and according to her vet he is in remarkably good health. The vet attibutes this not to his expertise but to the fact that we bought him a water fountain. It seems that cats will drink a lot more water and thereby flush the toxins from their systems if thay have a source of running or moving water. I suggest if you love your cat get him or her a water fountain for their health
  • Dogs and pulled muscles

    So I took my dog for a walk this morning and I was trying to pull her into different direction and she wouldn’t come with me. I think I might’ve pulled too hard or something (I’m very gentle with my dog) she’s in pain now her left torso side and leg hurts when I gentle touch it she cries. I know she’s in pain. I’ve been rubbing her with muscle relief gel and gave her aspirin. I wonder if she needs a vet. My dog is 10 years old too.
  • 2 months ago

    Brushing My Cat

    My husband has started brushing my short haired cat every day. Now he, the cat, comes in the room looks at the brush then me or my husband. The cat is demanding brushing now multiple times a day. I use a wire brush, is it ok to brush him this much?
  • 2 months ago

    Mother in Law's Husky has Glaucoma

    Over the weekend we had our Daisy come to my girlfriends house and they have a Husky. They like to run around together and they are like partners in crime always getting into trouble. On Tuesday the husky started to no eat, drink, or stand. They took him to the vet because he wouldn't open his left eye. Long story short they are suggesting to remove his eye via surgery. What I know is that marijuana can help humans with this disease but about dogs? We have used oils for our dog and she uses it....